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Login information Change

As you are aware, we use additional authentication to log in to CITRIX from outside Health Delivery. It is a random number generator that is synchronized to a server in our network. It is always the third option presented to you. Random numbers are provided by an RSA smartphone app or key-fob. The server used to provide this is no longer supported and we have already moved to the most recent release. Everything will continue to work as it has before. The only noticeable change is that the third option no longer says “Passcode”. It says “Password”. Unfortunately this is part of the hardware build and can’t be changed. Please note that this third option is still prompting you for your “Passcode”. Do not enter your password a second time. Please refer to the image below:


Information Technology
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Help Desk

989-759-6433 - Available during normal business hours.

989-280-8089 – After hours support number. Feel free to contact this number at any time.
The individual on call will either have a resolution for you right away or put you in contact
with the proper support representative.

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